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Track Artist Music Group, Inc.

Track Artist Music Group, inc. (commonly referred to as TAM Corp or TAM GROUP) is an American entertainment and record label conglomerate. The company owns a music entertainment business, a record label, production, distribution, and publishing company. TAM corporation is a majority owned by the The Le Flore Group a Holding conglomerate. 

Founder Chairman CEO - Reuel-Azriel

Holding Company - The Le Flore Group, LLC.

TAM Distro

TAM Distro is an independent digital music distribution service that puts your music onto streaming platforms. TAM principally offers artist, musicians, record labels and other rights-holders the opportunity to distribute, sell, and stream their music through online retailers such as iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, Deezer, iHeartRadio and others.

TAM Records

The Record label discovers and develops recording artists and then markets and promotes their music across a wide array of formats and platforms.

The Track Artists

The Track Artists are an American record production and songwriting team, founded by record producers Carta "Dirt" Yisraeli and Kareem "Reem" Warren. Dirt is currently at the helm of the group. The group is an off shoot of the Brooklyn based group GM Productions. The group included producers Tonefromgm, devonfromgm, and reemfromgm.

TA Publishing

We publish and promote your music in order to increase your royalty revenue, then collect them and pay you.

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